Smart Cat Toy

Smart Cat Toy

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Captivate your cat’s attention and satisfy their hunting instincts with a unique electronic cat toy that simulates prey popping out from 6 entries with a randomized and fast paced feel.


Smart Cat Toy improve your cat’s overall wellness and happiness.

  • Physical activity can help minimize the risk of shortened lifespans, osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus, and liver diseases
  • Focused, interactive play can help reduce behavioral  issues that arise from your cat being bored or under stimulated


Smart Cat Toy comes with 3 color modes.

  • Normal Mode ( Indicator Light: Yellow ) – The feather will automatically pop out randomly from the 6 different holes and automatically turn off after 8 minutes.
  • Smart Mode ( Indicator Light: Cyan ) – The device will automatically identify day and night due to the in-built light sensor. During the day, the smart cat toy will turn on its own for 1 minute based on 4-hour interval and shut down after that. During the night, it will enter stand-by hibernating mode. This will prevent cats from being bored alone at home.
  • Change Feather Mode ( Indicator Light: Purple) – The feather will be fully extended from the device so you are able to change it.


What’s in the Box
– Smart Cat Toy 1 pc
– Feather 2 pcs ( 1 installed in the Cat Toy, 1 extra feather )


Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 17.7 × 7.7 × 17.7 cm


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